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Due to the high temperatures and low humidity, proper watering of your lawn is vital. The result of not doing so can be grass that’s brown and wilted. This is due to the fact that your lawn doesn’t have enough water or has too much water. This can create long-term damages to your lawn and sprinkler system. Call us today to help with your sprinkler repair Daybreak

Sprinkle Master helps Keep your Lawn Green

The sprinkler system is a vital part of keeping a healthy green lawn.   It’s best to leave sprinkler repair in Daybreak Utah to the professionals who have been properly trained on sprinklers, irrigation systems, and how they work. Three common sprinkler repairs that we see at Sprinkler Master Repair are broken pipes, sprinklers that won’t turn off, and sprinkler heads that need to be replaced.

The sprinkler system is broken down into two parts. There are the sprinklers that spray water out in a specific pattern and the pipes that carry the water from the sprinkler valves back to your home’s underground lines. When one of these components breaks it can cause expensive damage including flooding in your home’s front door, basement, and even backyard.

Sprinkler Repair Daybreak

Sprinklers that won’t turn off can cause damage to your sprinkler system, yard, home, or all three if not taken care of quickly. These sprinklers are often located in odd places such as trees or flower beds where they don’t get enough sunlight each day to trip the automatic shutdown. We encourage our customers to check these regularly to avoid long-term sprinkler repair issues.

We Replace Broken Sprinkler Heads Daybreak

The sprinkler heads themselves can also cause sprinkler repair issues including sprinklers that spray water out of the sprinkler head itself or sprinklers that constantly run without causing any damage to your yard or home. These sprinklers are often caused by damaged sprinkler heads, dirty valves, and clogs within the sprinkler system damage.

If you are experiencing any of these issues or have in the past, please contact us at Sprinkler Master to avoid long-term damage to your lawn and ensure you have a healthy long moving forward.

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