Impact Sprinklers — How They Impact Your Lawn with Sprinkler Master Repair (West Jordan, UT)

Sprinkler heads come in all shapes and sizes, but which one is right for you if you’re living around West Jordan, Utah? Today, saving money is an important thing, especially when it comes to your water bill. Impact sprinklers and impact sprinkler heads can get the job done by covering a lot of area with little water output. Due to the design of the sprinkler head, it may just be the right option for you and your lawn! You can always call Sprinkler Master Repair (West Jordan, UT) for any sprinkler need, even if you’re wanting impact sprinklers installed in your yard! Call us today with any questions about anything below, at (801) 988-9671. Now, to dive deeper into how impact sprinklers can impact your lawn!


An impact sprinkler head is a larger sprinkler head that uses the impact of a weighted, spring-loaded mechanism to hit the water coming out of the sprinkler to turn the head. An impact sprinkler head is unique in it’s design. It has a metal knob that hangs down, and as the head turns the knob, it hits stationary bars to turn the other direction. These heads can be encased in a cover if underground, or exposed if they are above ground. They can be connected to the bottom or side of the sprinkler unit.

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Names of Parts:

Pro and Cons:

  • Impact sprinkler heads can have many common problems, but can be very durable if taken care of properly. Check out this video by Toro to better understand some troubleshooting techniques!
  • When purchasing or installing Impact sprinkler heads, you purchase a piece of modern irrigation magic, because impact sprinkler heads can spray out more water than most other sprinkler heads.
  • One more major downside to impact sprinkler heads that are underground is that since they do need to pop up out of the ground, they can tend to fill with debris easier.

Common Problems:

  • With no maintenance, impact sprinkler heads can stop turning over time.
  • Impact heads can clog if debris is in the line, or if debris enters the inside of the head.
  • Impact heads can sink into the ground, or start to come up above ground over time.
  • If clogged with debris, they can sometimes not pop up at all, or spray very little water.
  • The fittings they are connected to can break or crack with too much pressure.

How to Diagnosis Problems:

  • When the impact sprinkler head no longer turns, the springs may be worn out and the head will need to be replaced.
  • If debris is inside of the head, it will need to be cleaned out or it may continue not to turn.
  • Your impact sprinkler head may be sinking or rising above ground, affecting spray patterns or areas. It will need to be dug out and returned to the correct position.
  • If they are not popping up all the way or spraying out they may be clogged, or too many heads are on one zone.

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How to Install/Repair the Impact Sprinkler Head:

  • An impact sprinkler head can be replaced by either unscrewing the entire head from the fitting it’s attached to, or lifting the sprinkler head up,  getting inside of the head, and using an impact sprinkler tool to lift and unscrew it out of the fitting.
  • If the fitting attached to the sprinkler head is broken, it may need to be replaced.
  • If the water pressure is low on an impact sprinkler head zone, try replacing the nozzles with smaller ones. You can do this by lifting the sprinkler out of the outer casing, pushing down on the nozzle tab, then pulling it out and replacing it.

Tips and Tricks:

  • It is usually easier to replace the whole head, rather than trying to replace the center.
  • If a impact sprinkler head is using too much water, try changing it over to a gear driven sprinkler head.
  • As a general rule, do not put impact heads, gear driven heads, or pop up sprinkler heads on the same line as each other, because they all water at different rates.


Whether your in the market for impact sprinkler heads or not, one thing is for certain. You can count on Sprinkler Master Repair (West Jordan, UT) to meet and exceed your every sprinkler need. We install the best and repair the rest, all while using quality parts and service at an affordable price. Don’t waste your time; get it back by calling Sprinkler Master Repair (West Jordan, UT) today, at (801) 988-9671.

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