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Cottonwood Heights, UT Sprinkler Repair

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In Ground Sprinkler Repair and Installation in Cottonwood Heights, Ut

Looking for Cottonwood Heights sprinkler repair services? Want the best sprinkler system out there? Our local team here in the area can help you! Sprinkler Master first began serving the Cottonwood Heights area in 2012. For many years we have enjoyed being a part of the community here. If you want to keep your lawn healthy and green, then you need to work with professionals who can deliver the best results based on your needs, budget & landscape. 

A damaged lawn irrigation system can cause a whole host of problems including wasted water, flooding, property damage, and ultimately an unhealthy lawn. The cost of repairing your sprinkler system is much cheaper than having to fix water damage or continuity paying extra because of your inefficient/broken sprinkler system. If you want to wow your neighbors and cultivate a lawn that says, "you take pride in your home", then Sprinkler Master is the only sprinkler repair company you should be ringing in Cottonwood Heights.

Exceptional Services We Offer

If you are in need of sprinkler repair services, we can help you with a variety of services including:

- Sprinkler winterization
- Fix broken lines
- Sprinkler installation
- Sprinkler heads
- Replacing sprinkler valves
- Install/replace sprinkler control timer
- Raising sprinkler heads in flower heads