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30 Jun 2020

Sprinkler Repair with Sprinkler Master Repair (West Jordan, UT)

Little fixes and small repairs are almost a part of everyday life. The adage of “nothing lasts forever” takes on a new meaning when buying decorations, appliances, or much of anything else for your home or garden. Take into account the effects of weathering or other points of harm, and it becomes quite clear that some things simply need to be repaired in a regular timeframe. It might be time for your sprinkler system to receive the same treatment! But now you have another decision to make; do you try to tackle it yourself, or get a Sprinkler Master on the job? If you try to do it on your own, more power to you — but by calling Sprinkler Master Repair (West Jordan) at (801) 988-9671, you get a guarantee of the job being done right with no repairs in sight for a long while.

Sprinkler Master Repair (West Jordan, UT) only uses and employs the best in quality parts, employees, and services. Sprinkler repair is part of our namesake, and it’s here for you by being just a phone call away at (801) 988-9671. By calling us you’ll get quality service at an affordable price. Don’t believe us? Keep reading to see three reasons from three people why sprinkler repair with Sprinkler Master Repair (West Jordan, UT) could change the life of your lawn and your sprinkler system forever.

#1: We treat each customer like the most important customerPositive Review 1

Do you ever feel like you’re just a number to some companies? That you’re the means to the end of a paycheck? With Sprinkler Master Repair (West Jordan, UT), those feelings are eliminated due to our strong customer service. Each crew member and sprinkler technician at a job is there for you. We guarantee that you’ll not only be heard — but that you’ll be taken care of. At Sprinkler Master Repair (West Jordan, UT), we care more about positive service than positive profit. We won’t be satisfied until you’re satisfied with the way your lawn looks and feels. Check out this review from Rand:


#2: We maintain honesty and integrity in the workplace

Positive review 2Sprinkler Master Repair (West Jordan, UT) — also known as Sprinkler Repair & Install (Sandy, UT) — specializes in honesty and integrity. A call today at (801) 988-9671 gets you professional service at an affordable price. You can rest easy knowing that we’re transparent and thorough in all that we do. As Lee says in his review, we understand and apply the notion of “saying what we do and doing what we say” at every job and every location. Sprinkler Repair & Install (Sandy, UT) is a Sprinkler Master company that services much of Salt Lake County, including Draper, Cottonwood Heights, Midvale, Herriman, Riverton, West Jordan, Sandy, Tooele, and more! Our honest prices and integrity-filled work can be found in all of those service areas!

#3: We respect your timepositive review 3

Isn’t it the worst to be in a time-crunch? Don’t you hate it when you have to wait on someone else? When it comes to scheduling Sprinkler Master Repair (West Jordan, UT), we’re just a call away at (801) 988-9671. Say goodbye to being stood up and left to dry with other companies. As you get in touch with our Sprinkler Repair & Install technicians we’re quick to find a time in our schedule that works best for you. Not only is scheduling a sinch, but our work is always done in a timely manner so you’re able to have more free time! Much like Elizabeth says about being impressed, we’d bet that you would be in you gave us a call at (801) 988-9671.


If you’re still not convinced that Sprinkler Master Repair (West Jordan, UT) is for you, then consider getting touch with our other nearby locations, such as Sprinkler Master Repair (Salt Lake City, UT), Sprinkler Master Repair (Utah County), Sprinkler Master Repair (Weber County), or Sprinkler Master Repair (Davis County). Things need to be fixed, and your sprinkler system may be next on the list! Call us today at (801) 988-9671 to schedule an appointment for better lawn care and sprinkler service around West Jordan and Salt Lake County.

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16 Jun 2020
Best Time To Water Your Lawn

Best Times to Water Your Lawn with Sprinkler Master Repair (West Jordan, UT)

Water for your lawn is like oxygen for the human body. It’s a need. However, do you know the best times to water your lawn? Just like we need to breathe regularly to survive as human beings, your lawn needs to be watered regularly to survive too. But how much is too much? Are you watering too little? Perhaps you just do what you’ve been taught to do, but there is always a better way to water a lawn and keep it healthy. That’s where Sprinkler Master Repair (West Jordan, UT) comes in!

We’re a full-service sprinkler company with a knack for providing quality parts and service at an affordable price! We specialize in sprinkler installation, drip irrigation, sprinkler repair, fixing broken sprinkler heads, moving sprinkler lines, fixing automatic sprinkler timers, and so much more! On top of our services, we’ve also been known to give out valuable information every so often, because when you’ve been in business as long as we have, you know you can count on expertise!

Want to find more tips on how to water your lawn the best? Call Sprinkler Master Repair (West Jordan, UT) today at (801) 988-9671 to learn more and schedule an appointment, or just keep reading!

Water In The Morningsprinkler repair watering system

A common misconception with watering much of anything is that you can just do it whenever it suits you best. By watering any time of day, you run the risk of losing a healthy lawn. Taking the steps to water in the early hours of the morning, just before sunrise, will help your lawn be healthy and strong. Cooler temperatures help ease the evaporation process as the sun gradually rises, letting the water run deeper into the roots.

If for whatever reason you find yourself unable to water before the sun comes up however, your next best option is to water in the early evening just before or as the sun is setting. By doing this, the water is still able to seep into the roots of your lawn without settling too deep and evaporating effectively. By watering mid-day, or in the late evening, for example, there will be too much sun exposure where the roots won’t get enough moisture and nutrients. With no sunlight and effective evaporation in the evening, your grass-roots could permeate with fungus and other unhealthy bacteria. When in doubt, refer to this source!

Invest in a Sprinkler Timer with Sprinkler Master Repair (West Jordan, UT)

If you’re tired of having to do the same old routine of watering your lawn while dragging a hose or manually watching the clock to know when to turn off your sprinklers, investing in an automatic sprinkler timer would be well worth the purchase and maybe the watering solution for you!

You can click this link to learn more about sprinkler timers with Sprinkler Master Repair (West Jordan, UT). One of our specialties is installing, repairing, and fixing sprinkler timers. We know they’re worth the investment and we know that getting one today will help your lawn look it’s very best!

Check out Rainbird, Toro, or Orbit automatic sprinkler timers! In our experience and expertise, they work the best!

water regularly sprinkler masterWater Regularly — But Not Too Often

Another misconception about watering a lawn to maintain healthy growth is that watering needs to take place once or twice a day, or multiple times a week. However, depending on the time of year, the general rule of thumb states that watering 2-3 times a week is plenty and that much more than that could be detrimental toward the health and growth of your lawn.

Throwing out a time frame of 2-3 times a week is hopefully helpful, but how do you know that you’ve watered enough? In general, you should try to get water moisture down into your grass soil about 6 inches deep. One way to test this out after you water your lawn is to simply use a screwdriver and insert it into your lawn. If it goes down easily all the way, you’re watering the right amount! If it stops short or doesn’t penetrate the surface, you’ll need to increase your water usage.

Click here to learn more tips when it comes to how often you should water your lawn!


When it comes to watering your lawn and promoting its healthy growth, you shouldn’t mess around! A healthy lawn adds positive face value to your house or property, making everything else look good. With the investment it takes to either DIY or hire a company, know that Sprinkler Master Repair (West Jordan, UT) is here to help in the process of you getting the best looking lawn of your life.

As stated before, at Sprinkler Master Repair (West Jordan, UT), we specialize in serving you. If your sprinkler or lawn care needs are small, large, or somewhere in-between, we’ve got what it takes to give you and your lawn the best in quality service and parts at an affordable price.

For more tips on watering your lawn effectively, click here, and give Sprinkler Master Repair (West Jordan, UT) a call today at (801) 988-9671.

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