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Expert Sprinkler System Repair and Maintenance Services in West Jordan UT and Surrounding Areas

When it comes to sprinkler repair and maintenance, Sprinkler Master in West Jordan, Utah, is your trusted partner. Our specialized team excels in enhancing both residential and commercial properties through exceptional sprinkler system care.

Our seasoned experts bring a wealth of experience and knowledge to the table, all dedicated to ensuring your sprinkler system operates at peak performance. Whether you’re facing a broken sprinkler head or a malfunctioning timer, you can rely on our expertise and state-of-the-art tools to swiftly restore your system to optimal functionality.

Choose Sprinkler Master for reliable sprinkler repair services in West Jordan, Utah and surrounding areas and keep your property looking its best year-round.

Comprehensive Services for West Jordan, Tooele, and Sandy, Utah – Your Sprinkler Solution

Our dedicated Sprinkler Master team, your trusted source for sprinkler repair and maintenance covers West Jordan, Tooele, Sandy, and the surrounding regions, offering affordable sprinkler repairs, new equipment installations, upgrades, water pressure adjustments, and more. In cases where you need a fresh system, we’ve got you covered. With our accredited and insured repair professionals in West Jordan, you can trust that it will be done right the first time.

Choose Sprinkler Master for reliable sprinkler repair services in West Jordan, Utah, and surrounding areas, and ensure your sprinkler system is in top shape.

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Don’t hesitate to reach out for sprinkler repair services; Sprinkler Master is here to assist you. We eagerly await your call to address all your sprinkler repair needs.

Experiencing problems with your sprinkler system? Sprinkler Master is your solution! Whether you require repairs for broken lines, a new system installation, or the addition of more sprinkler heads, our experts are at your service. If any issues plague your sprinkler system, don’t hesitate to give us a call! Our comprehensive services include fixing sprinkler heads, replacing solenoid valves, installing or replacing a control timer, and raising sprinkler heads in flower beds. We proudly serve West Jordan, Sandy, South Jordan, and Riverton, ensuring your sprinkler needs are met.

For reliable sprinkler help in West Jordan, Utah, trust Sprinkler Master to keep your system in top shape.


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Exceptional Services We Offer


We offer an array of services to ensure your sprinkler system dances with efficiency and effectiveness. Here’s a glimpse of what we provide:

  1. Sprinkler Revival: Sprinkler repair for when your system needs some TLC.
  2. System Tune-Ups: Sprinkler system tune-ups to keep the water show in perfect harmony.
  3. Drip Systems: Drip irrigation installation and repair, making your garden dreams come true drop by drop.
  4. Backflow Repair: Backflow repair to keep water flowing smoothly in the right direction.
  5. System Styling: System upgrades and modifications for a sprinkler makeover.


Sprinkler Master Repair (West Jordan, Utah)
Sprinkler Repair

Our primary focus is lawn sprinkler repair. Our well-qualified, efficient sprinkler technicians can fix any lawn sprinkler problem that occurs.

Sprinkler Installation

Every beautiful lawn needs an efficient sprinkler system to keep it healthy, green, and water efficient.

Sprinkler Winterization

Winter on its way? Call us to get on our schedule for sprinkler blowouts. Sprinkler winterization is a crucial requirement for a sprinkler system in cold climates.


Water problems can be dangerous to your home, inside and out. Don’t let these damages happen to your home and yard.

Sprinkler System Cost West Jordan Utah

Keep Sprinkler System Maintenance Cost in Check with Our Help

Sprinkler systems perform their best when entrusted to dedicated professionals for installation, repairs, and maintenance. Regular upkeep of your irrigation system not only preserves your investment but serves three essential purposes:

  1. Cost-Saving: Our cost-effective maintenance prevents the need for expensive residential sprinkler repairs in the near future, securing your budget.

  2. Lawn Luxuriance: Our meticulous care ensures your lawn remains vibrant and lush, enhancing your outdoor space.

  3. Utility Savings: A finely-tuned system keeps utility costs at a minimum, helping you save on water expenses.

Our maintenance schedule encompasses tasks like unclogging sprinkler heads, seasonal water schedule adjustments, and wear-and-tear checks. We also fine-tune your system to optimize its efficiency, and any damaged valve, pipe, or sprinkler head is promptly replaced. You’ll find our professional repair services reasonably priced, and we’ll provide a quote before commencing any work.

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Sprinkler Master Repair (West Jordan Utah)


At Sprinkler Master, we’re not just about fixing sprinklers; we’re about making your life a little greener and easier. Here’s why you should make us your go-to sprinkler heroes:

  • Maestros of Experience: Our seasoned technicians are like sprinkler wizards, ensuring your system is in magical hands.
  • Swift & Steady: We understand a finicky sprinkler system can be a real downpour on your day. That’s why we offer rapid and reliable service to get your system serenading again in no time.
  • Pricing Pizzazz: We offer competitive prices for all our services, ensuring your wallet stays as lush as your lawn.
  • Happy Hydration: We’re on a mission to make every customer do a happy sprinkler dance. If by some chance you’re not gleefully showered with satisfaction, we’ll work closely with you to make it right.

Specialized Services

We excel in three primary areas to ensure our customers receive the finest services available.

Customized Service

You're in charge. We'll ensure your system becomes precisely as you desire it to be.

Well-Qualified Technicians

We understand that the quality of a business hinges on its employees. That's why we're dedicated to selecting professional, licensed, and amiable technicians to oversee your sprinkler system.

Free Consultations

We provide complimentary consultations for our services and furnish you with a quote, allowing you to determine the best choice for your lawn.

Dependable Services

We hold a deep sense of pride in our work. Every service is executed punctually and with utmost effectiveness.

Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is our paramount concern, and we consistently go above and beyond to ensure our customers are delighted with our services.

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